Carapace Slate

            A new era in roofing.


Welsh slate... reformed

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Iconic Welsh slate, reformed

Natural character

Made using the discarded materials from Wales’ industrial past, the Carapace Slate captures the natural beauty of quarried slate by cleverly replicating the character and colouring that is consistent with any regional variety.

A revolution in roofing technology

Rapid installation

The Carapace system self-aligns and fully interlocks on all sides without nails or clips, reducing the installation time from one just one minute per square meter.


Weighing in at just under 17kg per square meter, its amongst the lightest interlocking roof tiles available in the UK, minimising its carbon footprint and easing installation.


Available at a fraction of the cost of high quality slate, and competitive against all other slate alternatives. Its rapid installation also dramatically reduces installation costs.

Ecological innovation

Low carbon footprint

Our materials and manufacturing process have been purposely developed to create a commercially desirable product, while still being sustainable and kind to the environment.

Recycled content

Up to 80% of each slate consists of wasted, surfeit material from North Wales. Our materials are not damaging to the environment and can be broken-down organically and reformed into new slates.

Home-grown power

Capturing an abundance of cost-free solar energy no longer means having an unsightly home. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Carapace system, the Sheldrake Solar-Slate contains solar-thermal harvesting technologies completely concealed from the outside.

Low power manufacture

We've developed a simple yet unique manufacturing process to compliment our new materials without the need for the explosives, high-powered presses or excessive temperatures used by many other manufacturers.


How does the Carapace Slate differ from other roofing products?

Once installed, it is a sustaining innovation designed to cater for all of the needs and demands of a well established market in the same way as any traditional slate installation. We’ve just added some features to be effortlessly ecofriendly while saving a substantial amount on labour costs. But best of all, its almost indistinguishable from natural slate - check out the image gallery - accessed through the menu bar

How is the Carapace Roofing System installed?

Once the membrane has been installed, a recycled uPVC rail made from recycled uPVC is snapped around standard batten, costing less than the nails and clips required for most interlocking tile installations. The battens are then fixed to the roof in at a fixed guage of 260mm. A flange on the rear edge of the tile is placed into the ‘hooked’ section of the extrusion at approximately 70° before being lowered level with the roof pitch. Two protruding clips built within the front of each tile automatically align with and pass through complimenting slots in two tiles in a lower row and expand to prevent removal*, interlocking in 6 locations to echanically connect each slate to 5 surrounding assemblies.

The Carapace Slate is also available in the following styles:

  • Double slate
  • Slate-and-a-half
  • Mitred ridges
  • Standard slates

*The first row of tiles by the soffit should be secured with a single nail through a guide hole on the lower left hand side of each slate

What are its applications?

Suitable down to a pitch of 15 degrees in areas of severe exposure...which covers all of the UK! The system is so light and simple to install, we'll also be launching into the DIY market for conservatories, garages, lean-to’s, sheds and particularly posh dog houses.

When will it be available within the UK?

The Carapace Slate is due to be launched summer 2017, although a limited number of systems will be made available for public trials and testing over the coming months. Please get in touch if you think you many be intrested in becoming an early adopter!

Are your products sustainable?

100%! There is an estimated 750 million tonnes of waste, surfeit slate within North Wales alone...with over 100 million tons onsite!

Are your products environmentally friendly?

As sustainable technologies are a key virtue of our business, we have put great consideration into developing a product which is not only commercially desirable, but also has environmental virtues at its core. Such considerations include:

Recycled / Recyclable Content

Each Carapace Slate uses almost 1kg of slate granules, discarded from 600 years of quarrying.

Manufacturing techniques

Our unique production process requires only a fraction of the energy necessary to form slate composite, clay and concrete/cement roof tiles. Concrete is the largest producer of CO2, contributing 5% of all carbon emissions each year; clay tiles are baked in temperatures in excess of 1500°c and the extraction of each slate roof, particular of imported slate can result in up to 100 tonnes of waste.


The Carapace range of products is to be manufactured within the Oakeley quarry, Snowdonia, formally the largest underground slate mine in the world. All raw materials are quarried and processed onsite, dramatically reducing our carbon footprint. As the Carapace Slate is amoungst the lightest commercially available pitched roof coverings, post-production delivery will also benefit from a reduction in fuel costs, and therefore carbon output.

Home-grown power production

The Sheldrake Slate has been designed to complement the Carapace roofing system by providing a method to capture solar radiation to provide a useful supply of hot water to any conventional heating system. Its most unique attribute is that the system harvests solar energy while being completely invisible to an outside observer, arguably the primary obstacle to the general acceptance of home grown energies...for more details, please check out this video - 

What are its dimensions, and how many slates are required per m2?

Follow this link for coverage, dimesions and technical infomation

How much will it cost?

RRP - £2.75 per tile, or:

  • RRP: £37.10 / m2(including VAT)
What is its laid weight?
  • Ruris: 17kg / m2 as standard - fixed overlap
Do you have any Solar-power options for the Carapace Slate?

Yes! One of our favourite innovations is called the Sheldrake Solar-Slate. We have a broad UK patent application covering this products' design and concept, which is currently under development.

You can find out more about the system by clicking this link -

Alternatively, most third party Photovoltaic and solar-thermal systems can be installed alongside the Carapace Slate.

Are your products protected by proprietary rights or intellectual property?

Certainly. We currently have final-stage pending patents within the UK, USA and throughout Europe with a Canadian application in process.

Four individual embodiments of the Carapace Slate have granted registered design rights within each European member state, and all logos / brand names have been registered with a community trademark.

We are also pursuing two other patents to protect our closely guarded production processes.

How can I find out more?

Follow us on social media -         - download our sales brochure and please get in touch for anything else:

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